Não conhecido fatos sobre decoracao

“The apartment is new, very clean and bright. The furniture is modern and elegant. Although the apartment is tiny, there is a lot of storage space. The bed is very comfortable, the linen and towels of good quality. The personnel is extremely friendly and helpful.”

Outra vantagem é a Bastante variedade por modelos existente, a ser possível escolher aquele que mais combina com o seu gosto e com o visual da sua própria lar.

A rooftop terrace is accessible from the work areas, and is also lush with plantings. According to YTA, the thick roof construction also helps insulate the living and dining room below.

Este design escandinavo depende amplamente do uso por madeira nobre, qual é normalmente usado em conjunto com paredes e tetos brancos.

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Accoustical System Modules are built from our Soft Sound® acoustical material, which can provide an NRC rating of up to .90. Couple that with the system's angular faces and modularity to achieve amazing acoustical performance across an entire space or simply over a desired zone.

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The Cobogó House is a modern house in which the art of Erwin Hauer can be used naturally, as a part of the entire architecture. In the play of mounting pure volumes, made of white spackling paste, concrete and wood; lies, together with the terrace garden, the volume constructed from the hollowed elements by Erwin Hauer. Inside this space, there is a multiple-use living room and a website small spa.

Este guarda-roupa é outro móvel essencial de modo a qualquer quarto: apesar de ter 1 Colossal volume, ele Têm a possibilidade de ser projetado de maneira funcional para lhe ajudar a cumprir as tarefas do POR DIA a dia usando Muito click here mais conforto e praticidade.

‘We developed a special floor made of cobogó brick filled with concrete; a fully experimental work that resulted in a beautiful pattern,’ explains Humberto. ‘We employed sisal fiber as a natural background that complements the strong graphic effect created by the cobogó brick.

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